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Integrating futures thinking in the Crown Prosecution Service

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by Rose Cowley and Alex Scott How can you focus on tomorrow’s challenges when today’s are so all-encompassing? Like many operational agencies across the Civil Service, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) continues to operate in the long and difficult shadow …

VESTEG x Pace: A Hybrid Framework for Scanning Depths and Horizons

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PESTO, STEEP, PESTLE, GESTE… whatever your favoured taxonomy for Horizon Scanning [1], these acronyms all work to ensure futurists’ evidence gathering is sufficiently broad, taking into account holistic and macrocontextual change. They help us avoid many research biases and myopia …

Demand for wireless connectivity: addressing a complex and uncertain future

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“Wireless connectivity has become increasingly critical for different aspects of our lives, from keeping in touch, to getting around, to accessing a range of important services.” - Sir Patrick Vallance, former Government Chief Scientific Adviser. The Department for Science, Innovation …

Building a shared understanding of emerging technologies

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The Government Office for Science has just published its Rapid Technology Assessments, which are accessible introductions to different technology areas for policy makers. Identifying, explaining, and assessing emerging technologies that have potential to change the world is at the core …

Taking Futures from a programme to an integrated function in central government departments.

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The DfE’s Central Analysis Division (CAD) and Strategy Unit (SU) built on a set piece Future Insights Programme, and upscaled and integrated futures-thinking into a central government department. This blog is drawn from Adam Martin and Patrick Lee’s June presentation …

Effectively creating and communicating Futures outputs

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Everything is possible newspaper

  Futures thinking is a way of thinking about the many possible alternative futures that could arise, based on historical evidence, trends, and present possibilities for change. This past year, the Government Office for Science’s (GOS) Futures team supported numerous …